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Our Story

House of Tootsie is the brain child of a lady who spent her high school days growing up in Georgia. She moved away from the area for many years, traveling, working abroad, meeting great people all over the world, and forming life-long friendships along the way. Now she’s home again, ready to give back to the town that raised her and have a blast elevating the fun factor at your next event. She loves this community, loves seeing her clients enjoy life, and absolutely delights in contributing to their happiness. 

This company looks forward to meeting and making you smile!

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We Are a Part of Your Community!

House of Tootsie is dedicated to improving our community and forming new partnerships through smiles, laughter and enjoyment for all. We do not just want to be known for our stellar photo booth services but also as your friendly neighbor who wants to positively impact this community...and have plenty of fun while doing so! We will go that extra mile to ensure that you rem​ember your special day as one of the best in your life and also one that you will enjoy to the fullest while Tootsie is in your house! We are highly engaged and take personal pride in paying attention to detail in every step of our process by ensuring that our photo booth services run smoothly during your event.

Please tell every single one of your friends and family about us and then call us to schedule your event or book with us online today! 

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